Mr. Fumihiro Sakakibara:
President / Managing Director
  Mr. Sakakibara established Mile Post Consultants Inc. after accumulating nine years experience in the travel industry as operations and sales manager for a major tour wholesaler and spending two years on the staff of a marketing planning agency.
  As president of the company, Mr. Sakakibara is responsible for carrying out major survey projects and designing marketing strategies for national tourist offices located in Japan. Mr. Sakakibara is recognized by the industry as an expert on Japanese tourism and has served as a guest speaker for many seminars and conferences such as the ASEAN economic summit. He is also a board member of the Japan Eco-tourism Society and was the managing director of the operations committee for the International Eco-tourism Conference in Okinawa, Japan. Mr. Sakakibara has also served as a producer and facilitator for the largest travel industry related event in all of Asia, the Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) World Tourism Congress and Travel Fair since 2003 (a producer only in 2005)
  Through his involvement in marketing and research work over the past 30 years, Mr. Sakakibara has amassed a considerable amount of invaluable statistical information regarding the international tourism, the Japanese travel industry and its unique characteristics. Mr. Sakakibara has also had broad experience in the production of promotional films and television programs. In addition he has established strong, long-lasting connections with key staff of major tour operators, retail travel agencies, travel wholesalers, travel trade publications, major consumer magazines, newspapers, television stations, and television production companies.