Founded in 1980 by Fumihiro Sakakibara, Mile Post Consultants is a comprehensive marketing and public relations agency specializing in international tourism and the Japanese overseas travel market.
Tourism is Our Specialty
  Mile Post Consultants has the distinction of being one of the few marketing and public relations firms whose accounts are 100% tourism-related. Our concentration in the tourism industry has allowed us to develop extensive travel industry and media contacts, ensuring that our clients are provided with marketing and public relations services that are not only appropriate, but meet the current demands of the increasingly competitive international travel market. Unlike companies who handle clients from a variety of industries, our knowledge of and access to the heart of the international tourism industry in Japan make Mile Post Consultants the tourism specialists.
Multifunctional Ability
  Our specialization and experience in the tourism field means that we are experts at designing complete marketing and public relations packages for your organization in the international travel market. The staff at Mile Post is made up of carefully chosen professionals with a range expertise that includes: marketing, public relations, travel agency management, event and seminar organization, journalism, editing, photography and graphic design. A number of staff members come from career backgrounds in the tourism industry itself.
A Personal Touch
  Mile Post's small size ensures that our clients receive the "personal touch" that only a small company can provide. Our small size also allows us to provide a full range of services at prices more reasonable than the larger agencies. Furthermore, due to our many years of experience in this field and our vast array of contacts, we are able to negotiate the best prices for any services that may need to be conducted outside of Mile Post.
Internationally-minded, capable staff
  Mile Post's carefully selected staff is efficient and capable with a good command of English. This ensures that communications are smooth and free from unnecessary misunderstandings. All staff members have a wealth of experience dealing with people from a variety of different backgrounds.