Mile Post has a wide range of clientele from all sectors of the tourism industry. National, provincial and local tourist organizations are amongst our clients, as are international airlines, private resort destinations, event organizers, travel agencies and travel wholesalers. Mile Post has used its tourism industry knowledge, expertise and contacts to successfully place and promote the products and destinations of the following diverse list of clients in the highly competitive international travel market.
  Japan Association of Travel Agents (JATA) ('03~present)
Electric Resource Area Development Center ('98~'01)
ASEAN Centre ('90~'96) / ASEAN-Japan Centre (2001~present)
Asian Productivity Organization APO (2000)
Japan National Tourist Organization ('87)
Dentsu PR Center
Daiei International Hotels
Hankyu Express
Japan Travel Bureau
Kyoei International ('94, '96)
Kinki Nippon Tourist
Playguide Tours ('86~present)
VITA (joint division of Tokyu Tourist Corp. and Hankyu Express Int'l) ('93~'96)
Nippon Television Network
Travel Journal ('87~'96)
Tokyo Broadcasting System
North America
  Northwest Territories Tourism, Canada (2011~2013)
Princess Cruises (2012~present)
Canadian Embassy ('84, '91~'97) / Canadian Tourist Commission ('98~2000)
Sumo Canada Basho ('98)
Governments of: Alberta ('92~94), British Columbia ('92 ~'97), & Ontario ('85, '89), Quebec ('89, '92), Yukon ('95, '96) and Atlantic Canada ('95, '96)
Air Canada ('92 & '94)
Banff Centre for Conferences ('94)
Northwest Airlines ('94)
Mexican Embassy
Asia / Micronesia
  Macau Tourism Board ('86) / Macau Government Tourist Office ('97~present)
Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board ('98~2002)
Pacific Island Club, Guam (Inter Pacific Investment Co., San Francisco) ('87, '88)
  Fiji Visitors Bureau (2002-2005)
Australian Tourist Commission ('81~ 2000)
Tourism New South Wales ('97~present)
South Australian Tourism Commission ('99~ Spet. 2009)
Tourism Victoria ('93~'96)
Queensland Tourist & Travel Corporation ('87, '88)
Western Australia Tourist Commission ('86, '87)
Northern Territory Tourist Commission ('88~'92)
Tourism Tasmania ('86~'93, '95)
Qantas Airways ('93,'94)
Ansett (New Zealand) Airlines ('91~'95)
Ansett (Australia) Airlines ('85~'94)
Brisbane Convention and Visitors Bureau ('96)
Ayers Rock Resort ('91, '92)
Student Travel Australia (STA) ('85)
New Zealand National Tourism Office ('86) / New Zealand Tourism Board ('98~present)
Christchurch International Airport ('93)
Papua New Guinea Tourism Authority ('94)
  South African Tourism Board ('85~'87, '90~'95)
South African Airways
  Turkish Embassy (2010, 2012~2013)
European Travel Commission ('82)
Alitalia Italian Airlines ('83)
Scandinavian Tourist Board ('90)
Netherlands Board of Tourism ('94~'99)
EU Japan Fest ('96)
Maison de la France ('98~2000)